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GEM was founded through a unique collaboration between policy and legal experts, frontline practitioners and researchers. We work in partnership with experts (including women’s services and campaign organisations), researchers, governments and regulators to develop new evidence and thinking to inform policy development and debates, and to support awareness raising. Our primary audience is politicians, policy-makers, media regulators and journalists, but we also seek to reach and work with the wider policy community, think-tanks, women's organisations, NGOs, researchers and services working with young people (e.g. around 'media literacy'). Our primary focus is UK Government policy. We make links with sister organisations around the world and draw upon international evidence.

Holly Dustin (co-founder) is the former founding Director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition where she led the successful campaign for a cross-government violence against women and girls strategy which is now championed by the Home Secretary. She previously set up and ran the Fawcett Society’s influential Commission on Women and the Criminal Justice System and was a criminal defence Solicitor before that. She is a leading media commentator and public speaker on gender equality. See what Holly's saying on Twitter.

Professor Clare McGlynn (co-founder) is a Professor of Law at Durham University and expert on laws relating to violence against women. Her research (with Erika Rackley) on the cultural harm of extreme pornography helped to shape the new laws criminalising rape porn in England & Wales, and Scotland. She has worked closely with parliamentarians and campaign groups to introduce laws combating image-based sexual abuse (‘revenge pornography’) in England & Wales, and has given evidence before the Scottish and Icelandic parliaments on the need for reform. Follow updates from Clare on Twitter.

Dr. Maddy Coy (co-founder) is the Deputy Director of the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit at London Metropolitan University. From a background of working with sexually exploited women and girls, Maddy has expertise in researching the sex industry, women and children’s experiences of violence, and policy responses to VAWG. She has developed an analysis of sexualised popular culture using the concept of sexualised sexism and in recent research projects explored with young women their perceptions of how women are represented in popular culture. Maddy has extensive experience of engaging with policymakers at national and local levels.  

GEM also warmly acknowledges the support provided in its first year by Dr. Fiona Vera-Gray (Durham University).

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